Steel cutting

MIRAS owns a modern steel processing center equipped with high-performance automated technical machines.

Any steel brand can be cut, starting with general use steel types up to high-alloyed and stainless steel. We provide quality services, consulting and constructive solutions on the best terms.

COMBINED NUMERICALLY CONTROLLED CUTTING MACHINE – is equipped with a modern high-definition plasma cutting system and two high-definition oxyacetylene cutting systems.

1. Plasma cutting system:

a. For carbon steel

Minimum thickness: 0.5 mm

Maximum thickness: 38 mm (with perforation)

64 mm (with cut from the edge)

b. For stainless steel

Minimum thickness: 1 mm

Maximum thickness: 32 mm (with perforation)

50 mm (with cut from the edge)

c. For aluminum

Minimum thickness: 1.5 mm

Maximum thickness: 25 mm (with perforation)

50 mm (with cut from the edge)

2. Oxyacetylene cutting systems:

For carbon steel

Minimum thickness: 6 mm

Maximum thickness: 120 mm (with perforation)

200 mm (with cut from the edge)

Effective cutting dimensions of the steel sheet:

a. Width: 3000 mm

b. Length: 12000 mm

Our offer:

- The possibility to cut a wide range of material types: carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass;

- A high-definition plasma cutting system that provides a clean cut, without cinder/scum; it mostly eliminates the need of mechanical processing.

Standard technical information:

The cuts comply with precision class 4, according to DIN 9013 and provide an improved variation of the cut inclination angle.

It is possible to mark the machine-cut parts and to drill holes into the steel sheets in a 1/1 ratio.

The cutting machine is connected to a programming center, where the drawings of the desired parts are made, material consumption is optimized by automatic nesting (optimal arrangement of parts on the steel sheet format) and the traceability of the processed parts is assured.

The processing documentation can be transferred via an electronic data storage medium or bye-mail.