Rebar processing

MIRAS INTERNATIONAL owns a modern steel processing center with a capacity of more than 1000 tons/month, where technological operations can be performed for reinforcement steel processing, steel structures, different types of components and processed parts etc. The finished products are executed according to the customers’ technical demands and needs. Our automated machinery and Mig-Mag welding equipment provide the finished products with a quality, accuracy and precision. The dimensions of the processed reinforcing steel may vary between Ø 6 mm ÷ Ø 40 mm.

Steel processing center

The reinforcing steel processing center is equipped with state of the art numerically controlled machinery:

1. EURA 16 – machine for processing clamp straps and both-side bent bars. The machine is fully automated and equipped with a fixed bench for bending reinforcements, elevator flap and wire loader.Eura 16 processes steel wire rods with sizes between Ø6 ÷ Ø16 mm.

2. PRIMA 12 – automated machine for processing rolled steel rods that produces clamp straps and both-side bent bars with sizes between Ø6 mm ÷ Ø12 mm.

3. ROBOMASTER 45 – machine for processing steel bars with sizes between Ø8 mm and Ø40 mm and variable lengths. It is equipped with a roll conveyor, bar loader, bar unloading system, 2 bending robots (fixed and mobile), process automation computerand mobile supports for processed bars.It has an anti-twist system that allows the finished product to close perfectly. The whole process is automated by means of a control panel.

4. Manual processing machine – machine for bending rolled steel bars with sizes between Ø 10 mm ÷ Ø 36 mm.

5. Guillotine – machine for cutting rolled steel bars with sizes between Ø 6 mm ÷ Ø 36 mm.