Mechanical processing

Thanks to the continuous and progressive development during its 20-year existence, MIRAS tried to offer the widest possible range of services in order to meet its customers’ demands. Thus the services we provide for our customers have developed at the same time with our sales activity and now we can offer: concrete steel processing, mechanical processing and steel constructions, transportation services, cutting, non-destructive testing, chemical analysis and flexible working hours.

Mechanical processing

We tried to offer a service range as wide as possible and thus we provided to our interested customers a mechanical processing service for producing bolts, atypically cut parts, gussets, reinforcing ribs, base plates, supports, anchor bolts. We provide these services complementary to the modern steel cutting center.

1. CIRCULAR BAND-SAW - We currently own 5 pieces of equipment that we can use to perform cuts up to a dimension of 800x920mm. 4 of them are made in Germany (KASTO) and can cut up to a maximum of 560x630mm. The minimal length of the parts that can be cut is of 6mm and the planeness deviation is between 0.2-0.5mm. In addition, one of these machines allows us to cut the parts with an inclination angle of maximum 45°. We mainly use the 5th saw for cutting profiles and pipes.

2. DRILLING MACHINE GR 60 –Drilling and thread tapping operations can be performed, drilling starting from a diameter of 10 up to a diameter of 60, with a maximum depth of 200 mm,thread tappingbetween M 10 and M 32 ,

3. DRILLING MACHINE WITH MAGNETIC SUPPORT– drills holes starting from a diameter of 8 up to 80 and a maximum depth of 50 mm and also taps threads starting from M6 up to M24. It is a portable machine that can be easily transported; it can be directly fixed on the part in the drilling/tapping area.

4. BOLT TAPPING MACHINE –from M6 to M52, the thread length may vary between 30 mm and 800 mm (possible up to 1m)

5. LATHE SN 500 - L = 1400 mm, Ø 200 - Ø 500, roughness 3.2

6. LATHESN 500 - L = 3000 mm, Ø200 - Ø500, roughness3.2 – 6.3