Thanks to the continuous and progressive development during its 20-year existence, MIRAS tried to offer the widest possible range of services in order to meet its customers’ demands. Thus the services we provide for our customers have developed at the same time with our sales activity. Today we can offer our customers: concrete steel processing, steel constructions, steel cutting, transportation services, cutting, non-destructive testing, chemical analysis and flexible working hours.

Concrete steel processing

At the location in the town of Bănești, Prahova County MIRAS owns a modern steel processing center which provides on-demand concrete steel processing services, steel structures, steel parts and components, executed according to our customers’ demands.

• The center has a capacity of 2000 tons/month and is equipped with automated concrete steel processing machines according to the highest quality standards. Here we can process the following:

• Concrete steel sizes may vary between Ø 6 and Ø 40 mm;

• Welded pillars with a diameter between 200-1600 mm;

• Rectangular automaticallywelded casings, with dimensions between 150x150 and 650x650mm;

• Test systems for drilling pillars (pipes and injection drums);

• Our steel cutting and welded structures center is equipped with automated, numerically-controlled machinery and welding equipment, where we can provide:

• Cut steel sheet parts and beams;

• Steel structure components;

• Welded structures according to EN 3834 and EN 1090

• We provide transportation, consultation, assembly;

• The processed products comply with the actual quality standards and are provided with quality certificates and conformity certificates; they are verified and mechanically tested.

Steel structuring

Since 2016, we inaugurated a production facility with an area of about 3.000 m2, equipped with complex and modern, numerically controlled machinery, where we can build complex steel structures, according to EN 3834 și EN 1090, out of the whole range of beams or pipes.

The equipment of the production facility includes:

• CNC – FICEP line for processing steel beams of the IPE, HEA, HEB, UNP type, which has a drilling unit and a band cutting unit.

• SOITAAB, FICEP CNC-plasma or oxyacetylene cutting machinery for steel sheets (provides the ability of drilling by splinting), starting with the most simple shapes, up to the most complex ones, with sheet thicknesses between 3 and 180mm.

• Semiautomatic welding equipment with wire in a gas protection environment - MIG – MAG

• Guillotine cutter, bolt screw tapping machine, universal lathe, radial drilling machine

• Paint spray booth GTV, bead blasting cabinet

• We tried to offer a service range as wide as possible and thus we provided to our interested customers a mechanical processing service for producing bolts, atypically cut parts, gussets, reinforcing ribs, base plates, supports, anchor bolts.


Our own truck fleet consists of 25 trucks with lengths between 6 and 13.5m and a payload of 2.5 / 3.5 / 10 / 21 tons. Thanks to this truck fleet we managed to increase the transportation efficiency by delivering full truck orders and also coupling several orders for different customers.

Steel cutting

Our cutting center can perform mechanical precision cutting, oxyacetylene cutting, plasma cutting, profile cutting, guillotine cutting. Mechanical precision cutting addresses itself to steel bar (round, square, shims and hexagon) customers to whom cutting precision is of particular importance. Also for them, it is important to use the mechanical saw instead of the flame, in order not to deteriorate the materials’ quality in the cutting area. The 4 KASTO band cutting machines can perform cuts with an accuracy of 0.5 mm and a perfect planeness up to maximum dimensions of 560x600mm. The planeness and the accuracy of the cuts are ensured even for parts with a length of 6 mm. There is a wide range of materials that can be cut, starting with very mild steel (S235) up to the hardest materials (C120, tool steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel).MIRAS owns a band cutting machine for cutting profiles and European beams. The quality and precision of the cuts successfully satisfy the needs of the most demanding and exigent constructors.

We provide oxyacetylene cutting with steel sheet CNC-cutting-machines (ESAB, SOITAAB, FICEP) especially for customers that need pieces of the sold materials and not the full format provided by the producers. These cutting techniques are predominantly suitable for materials such as steel plates, common steel, rarely profiles, but also for customers who don’t have an appropriate mean of transportation at their disposal, in order to transport such long or heavy materials.

We offer plasma cutting with the same CNC-machinery as above to the customers for whom the cutting quality of oxyacetylene cutting just isn’t enough. Besides, for creating small sized parts plasma cutting is used. This cutting technique also offers the advantage of less deforming the processed parts than the one above.

Non-destructive testing (US + LP)

The non-destructive ultrasonic testing (US) is available since 2009 and is offered to the customers and projects that have high quality demands regarding the used materials. The testing is performed with modern equipment by authorized professionals, which are entitled to issue US test certificates according to the EN norms in force. The US class for which we are authorized to issue certificates for steel plates reaches from class E0S0 to E3S3. For round and square steel we provide the whole US class, according to SEP 1921. Since 2012 our service portfolio also includes penetrant testing (LP) as a complementary service to the US testing, which has been successfully used since over 4 years ago.

Chemical analysis laboratory

To complete our 5* service portfolio which we offer to our customers, we have inaugurated our chemical analysis laboratory in 2011. In this laboratory we are able to determine the chemical composition of the most important elements by using the spectral method.