Steel tubes

Longitudinally seam welded steel pipes

There are the following subcategories: Square pipes, rectangular pipesand round pipes. Their abbreviations are Tvpt, TvdrandTvr.

Common steel grades: S235/355(JR)(JO)(J2)

Sizes: Rectangular pipes: 15x15x1.5 – 400x400x12.5 / Round pipes: 18x1.5 – 219x12.5

Scope of application: Steel products and steel structures, different types of frames, scaffolding, undercarriages, supports, gates, fences, sliding gates, masts, protections

Spiral welded steel pipe

Common steel grades: S235/275/355(JR)(JO)(J2), Grd. B, X42, X46, X52

Dimensions: 219x4.8 – 1626x14.20

Scope of application:Machinery, steel structures, architectural elements

Seamless hot-rolled and cold drawn steel pipes

They are also known as rolled and drawn pipes

Steel grades by application scope:

o Mechanics: E235/275/315/355/470; C22E/35E/45E; 41Cr4; 25/34/42CrMo4

oOil production, gas production, water management: P195/235/265(TR1)(TR2)

oEnergy industry: P195/235/265GH; 16Mo3; 8MoB5-4; 13/25CrMo4; P215/255/265(QL)(NL); 26CrMo4.2

Sizes: 8x1.5 – 812x100

Scope of application: Mechanical applications, extraction industry, fluid transportation, energy industry, automotive industry